Team Development for Sitecore 5.7

October 16, 2017


  • Rebuild code gen at solution level
  • Add Helix Validators
  • "Lightning Mode" for Quick Push and Sync window
  • Quick push at the solution level
  • Export/Import code generation reference file
  • Multiple source web projects in a solution
  • Delta deployment uses relative dates


  • Nuget package upgrade process is better
  • Package bundling issues with multiple projects using same source web project is fixed
  • Renaming projects no longer breaks package bundling
  • Linked configuration files are handled correctly
  • Sync using history reacts correctly to urls with trailing slashes
  • TDS for VS2017 references the correct text templating assemblies
  • Wildcards now work in referenced .csproj file

Team Development for Sitecore 5.6

January 6, 2017


  • Project Item Report.
  • Quick Push.
  • Custom Variables in Code Generation.
  • Assembly Validation before pushing to /bin folder.


  • Improve project file parsing.
  • AutoSync is disabled when debugging.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

Team Development for Sitecore 5.5

March 15, 2016


  • Delta build by change date.
  • Deploy changes to content files automatically.
  • Customizable post deployment steps.
  • Cloud build server setup is easier.
  • Sync multiple projects.
  • Automatic Sitecore item sync.
  • New Deployment Property Manager


  • Update connector only if it is different.
  • Alert user if code generation templates are blocked.
  • Linked code generation templates allows sharing between projects.
  • Alert user if Git isn't correctly configured.
  • Ignore specific languages during sync.
  • Control code generation after project is changed.
  • Package builder automatically searches for Sitecore assemblies in NuGet packages folder.
  • Improved error handling.


  • Html in package builder ReadMe now works.
  • Added language and version to code generation fields.
  • Sync now handles large content files better.
  • Improved handling of duplicate items.

Team Development for Sitecore 5.1

December 15, 2014


  • Added the ability to manage Sitecore Roles within a TDS project.
  • Introduced the ability to sync items using Sitecore's History engine.
  • Item level merging to handle merge conflicts at check-in.


  • Added a field level deployment indicator link to the Deployment Property Manager.
  • Fixed the tool tips on the Sync Window.
  • New ability to disable TDS features while debugging.
  • Allow users to now copy field values when in the sync window.
  • Allow syncing to continue after finding a duplicate item.
  • Improve performance of the icon caching.


  • When a value is in the TDS .user file and the TDSGlobal.config file, the build properties window didn't work correctly.
  • If an item was locked and the deployment wanted to delete it, the deployment would fail.
  • Stop code regeneration as each file is pulled down from Source Control.
  • TDS Code Gen Errors now no longer appear when the solution is not open.
  • Restyle the license update text box.
  • Code generation would include fields when they were not in the TDS project, it is now prevented from doing that.
  • Fixed the issue TDS & Rocks was having with _Standard Values.
  • If you have a solution with folders in it and the source web project is in a folder, something went wrong in the process of hooking TDS to the project. This issue has been resolved.

Team Development for Sitecore

November 10, 2014

  • The TDS hanging issue still persisted, it has been resolved.

Team Development for Sitecore

November 3, 2014

  • Fixed an issue where TDS would hang when loading a new TDS project

Team Development for Sitecore

October 17, 2014

  • Improved stability based on below points:
  • Corrected a issue with Sitecore 8 date formats
  • Fixed a problem with blank parameters in a package
  • Added a new error message to trap broken template IDs in a sync operation
  • Fixed an issue where a package ReadMe text was too long
  • Made popup messages modal

Team Development for Sitecore

October 1, 2014

  • Improved the speed of code generation
  • Reduced the number of blank lines in the generated files
  • Added minor bug fixes for sync window edge cases
  • Ability to disable different parts of code generation

Team Development for Sitecore

July 29, 2014

  • Added a validator that checks for bad characters in .item files

Team Development for Sitecore

July 28, 2014

  • Fewer code gen popups during syncing
  • Fixed an issue with Project References

Team Development for Sitecore

July 7, 2014

  • Minor patch fixes to TDS deployments

Team Development for Sitecore

June 4, 2014

  • TDSGlobal.config not being found by build servers.
  • TDS Projects without source web project create random folder.
  • Multi Project Code Generation delete field causes exception to be thrown.
  • Multi Project Code Generation not regenerating all projects correctly on delete.

Team Development for Sitecore

May 12, 2014

  • Fixed bug reported on the Test button in the Build tab.
  • Updated error messages shown during code generation issues.
  • Visual cues were updated in the Sync window.

Team Development for Sitecore

April 30, 2014

  • Fixed bug that caused TDS build to fail when .dll that is not a .net assembly is included in the /bin folder of a deployment.
  • Fixed bug that caused a TDS build that was started from the command line to fail due to Validators being enabled.

Team Development for Sitecore

April 18, 2013

New Features

  • Ability to Reference Other TDS Projects
    • Setup dependencies between projects for code generation and bundling of projects when a build occurs. Code Generation can now reference classes generated in other TDS projects for base class inheritance. Bundling support allows multiple TDS projects to be combined into a single update package. 
  • Improved TDS / Sitecore Rocks Integration 
    • Items can be added to different TDS projects directly from the Sitecore Rocks interfaces. Items can also be synced through the Sitecore Rocks interface.
  • TDS Project Wizard 
    • A new Visual Studio project template has been added that will start a TDS connection wizard. The connection wizard will take the developer through the process of setting up their first connection. 
  • Merging Large Fields 
    • When merging large fields an additional button will display in the merge screen and also in the sync items window. Clicking this button will allow the user to see the entire field contents side by side. 
  • Exclude Fields From Checks When Syncing 
    • The developer can specify fields that TDS will ignore when performing a sync and checking for differences between the items on disk and the items within Sitecore. 
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
    • Keyboard shortcuts have been added to the Deployment Property Manager, Sync Window and Merge Windows. 
  • License Screen 
    • A license screen has been added that can be accessed from the Help menu. It allows the user to find out their own license information and update this information if they need to. 
  • Disable File Deployment 
    • A check box that indicated that TDS should not deploy files from the target Web Application to the folder specified in the Sitecore Deploy Folder field. 
  • Install folder Checks 
    • An additional test button has been added to the Build tab that allows a developer to test that the Sitecore Web Url and Sitecore Deploy Folder fields both point to the same location. 
  • Transform XML files 
    • TDS can now transform any XML files not just web.config. TDS will transform them based on the build configuration being run, this is achieved by specifying transforms in the same manner as Web.Config transforms. 
  • Control Package Names 
    • The name of the Sitecore update package (.update file) generated by TDS can now be controlled from the Update Package Settings tab. 
  • Assembly Exclude List can now be an Include List 
    • The Exclude Assembly list on the project General tab can now be used to create a white list of files to include in deployment. 
  • Plain T4 Templates 
    • A plain T4 template can now be added to the solution for code generation. 
  • Global Config File 
    • Developers can create a Global config file to contain common settings used across all TDS projects. When a setting is overridden TDS will place a symbol next to the field in the property tab and disable the field. 
  • Help Link from Error Messages 
    • Additional help links have been added to certain error messages in TDS to make it easier to understand and solve issues. 
  • Project Validations 
    • Project validations check the integrity of a TDS project when the project is built. TDS now contains several out of the box validators, for example the ability to ensure that certain items are set to deploy once or that template items contain the correct field section then field structure. Custom validators can be created.


  • Code Generation Cache Freshness 
    • Improved the code generation item cache expiry to ensure that new items pulled in from source control are included in the code generation. 
  • Moved Item Parsing to Background Thread 
    • When a project configuration changes items will be re-parsed on a background thread to improve performance. 
  • Regenerate Code Generation When Custom Data Changes 
    • Code will automatically be regenerated when an items custom data or namespace changes. 
  • Special Characters in Names 
    • Better support for special characters in Sitecore item names with warnings when the user tries to import an item that may not work with the Sitecore update packager. 
  • Item Path Lengths 
    • Improved messaging when an items path length exceeds that which can be handled by the file system. 
  • Loop Detection When Items are Deployed 
    • Added loop detection when items are deployed to avoid TDS being caught in an infinite loop. 
  • Clean Build Folders 
    • Improvement to the process that cleans the build folders, including removing all file replacements. 
  • Default Build Output Path 
    • The default build output used to be directly beneath the solution e.g. \debug, this has been moved to beneath the bin folder e.g. \bin\debug. 
  • Error Loading TDS Project Notification 
    • TDS will not show a dialog if there is a problem opening a project file, previously this would just be reported to the output window and maybe missed by a developer. 
  • Removing a TT File 
    • Removing a TT (code generation template) file will now remove references to it in the item tree where it has been set as the Code Generation Template for individual items. This avoids an exception being throw when deleting TT files. 
  • TDS Pane in Output Window 
    • The Output window now contains a pane for TDS, this can be accessed by click on "Show output from:" and selecting "Team Development for Sitecore". TDS will log information to this pane. 
  • Improved Performance in the Deployment Property Manager 
    • Improved how the Deployment Property Manager handles thousands of items to avoid it hanging Visual Studio. 
  • Caching Item Sort Order 
    • Caching the item sort order to increase the speed at which a project loads. 
  • Cleaning the Build Folder After File Replacements Changed 
    • When the file replacements list is changed the build folder is cleaned. This avoids the situation where file replacement would be left behind. 
  • Icon Paths 
    • Icon paths are no longer included in the project file to make it easier to manage the project file when performing a merge. 
  • Sitecore Rocks Diagram Plugin 
    • Update the diagram plugin to support Sitecore Rocks 1.0. 
  • Copy and Paste TT Files 
    • It is now possible to copy and paste TT files within a project. 
  • Template Code Regeneration when Parent Template Changes 
    • When a template is inherited by another template, the child templates can be set to regenerate code when the parent template is changed. 
  • Improved Property Page Field Validation 
    • Improved the reporting of mistakes within fields in the TDS project property tabs. Validation error messages are now clear and additional checks have been added. 
  • TDS Project File Associates to Visual Studio 
    • Double clicking on a TDS project file in Windows Explorer will now open the project in Visual Studio. 
  • Autosave TDS Project 
    • The TDS project will now autosave after a sync or get items operations. This avoids the issue of users performing these operations and committing the item files but forgetting to save and commit the project file to source control. 
  • Removing Sitecore.*.dll from the Excluded Assembly List 
    • Some users experience problems removing the Sitecore.*.dll entry from the Excluded Assembly list, the line would be removed but would the reappear when the project was opened again, this have been fixed. 
  • TemplateId is a Field Level Deployment Field 
    • The TemplateId field is now a field level deployment field, this allows a developer to deploy just this field separate from the rest of the item information. This is useful for items that are set to "Deploy Once" but then have had their template changed. 
  • Icon Indicating Missing .item Files 
    • If the .item file for an item is missing on disk TDS will now display a different icon to highlight the issue to the developer. 
  • Improved Messaging when TDS Fails to Communicate to Sitecore 
    • Improved messaging when TDS tries to communicate with Sitecore making it easier to diagnose and fix connection issues. 
  • Skip Duplicate Items 
    • TDS will now prompt when it finds a duplicate item when performing a sync and will allow the developer to skip the item and continue syncing.


  • Ability to merge __Hide and __Lock fields 
    • Fixed issue where an exception would be thrown when trying to merge either the __Hide or __Lock fields. 
  • Incorrectly Removing Child when Syncing Items 
    • Fixed bug where child items would be removed if an items name didn't match rather than its Id. The id will now be used for comparison. 
  • Projects in Solution folders 
    • Projects that were nested within to levels of solutions folders were sometimes not found by TDS, this issue has been fixed. 
  • Re-adding Items to TDS 
    • Adding an item to TDS after deleting it resulted in a duplicate key error. 
  • Merging an Item with a Null Value 
    • When merging a TDS item with a null value this could cause an exception to be thrown. 
  • Removed Registry Entries on Uninstall 
    • Not all registry entries were being removed when uninstalling TDS. 
  • Template Diagrammer Error in VS 2013 
    • Fixed bug that caused VS2013 to throw the error "Exception Catastrophic Failure" when using the Template Diagrammer. 
  • Code Generation Required Connection Strings 
    • Code Generation required connections strings to a Sitecore website to run, this is no longer required. 
  • Save All Button 
    • Clicking the Save All button will now save the TDS project. 
  • The Project Build Order Was Not Being Enforced When Run from the Command Line 
    • When running a build from the command line the projects were being build based on the order they appear in the solution file and not based on the order of the project dependencies.

Team Development for Sitecore

October 23,2013

  • Added support for Visual Studio 2013

Team Development for Sitecore

June 6, 2013

  • Full compatibility with Sitecore 7
  • Allow TDS builds to run with a blank deploy folder location
  • Fixed a problem where new version dialog box is too small
  • Fixed build fails to get key problem that occurred when app pool was not recycled

Team Development for Sitecore

May 3, 2013

  • Fixed a build failure with the Package Builder that occurred during the start of packaging.

Team Development for Sitecore

April 16, 2013

  • Resolved issue with "Deploy Once" not being recognized

Team Development for Sitecore

April 15, 2013

  • Significant performance enhancements with Sitecore 6.6 deployments

Team Development for Sitecore

March 6, 2013

  • Fixed a problem with Direct Descendants
  • Prevent TDS from popping a dialog when downloading icons
  • Removed obsolete icon logic
  • Fixed a problem with TDS and Test Explorer in Visual Studio 2012

Team Development for Sitecore

December 17, 2012

  • Added timeout checking to TDS when it gets to item icons. TDS will now more efficiently handle a missing Sitecore server.
  • Increased performance on vast projects.
  • Added function to clean up the Sitecore Web Url field before saving occurs.
  • TDS will now raise an error if the Sitecore Deploy Folder is blank and the user tries to install the connector

Team Development for Sitecore

November 12, 2012
  • Added timeout checking to TDS when it gets the icons. TDS will now handle a missing Sitecore server much better.
  • Fixed a problem with TDS and Rocks when the template was missing from the TDS project and Rocks saved the template.
  • Make TDS work better with multiple TDS projects pointing at a single Sitecore and editing with Rocks.
  • Update cache item header parser to read more information. This resolves a problem with parsing items.

Team Development for Sitecore

October 1, 2012
  • Full integration possibilities of Code Generation
  • The ability to use the Visual Studio .config transforms
  • Allowed for Item Merging capabilities and added a Merge window
  • Added ability to control the DLL's excluded from Code deploy and Package
  • Added ability to "show hidden files" and Include/Exclude in project
  • Updated Sync action and added funtionality to the sync window
  • New functionality to sync just one item
  • Allow for item to be deployed even if parent is excluded
  • Included an F1 help option in the main tabs of TDS
  • New right click menu for items already in the project
  • Resolved issue with projects that have a "." in the name
  • Added exception handling to menu actions
  • Fixed issue where “All Configurations” wasn’t working on the File Replacements tab
  • Allow for override of project settings from MSBuild
  • Resolved an issue that was found when deleting old content from the TDS Build Folder
  • Fixed package building when there isn't a source web project
  • Makes sure Visual Studio never forgets what project is referenced by TDS, which happened occasionally
  • Resolved the issue that occurs while sync. If you sync then close the window the sync seemed to pause
  • Made it possible to “Duplicate” an item in Rocks and add it to the TDS project
  • Fixed an issue with URI and dragging and dropping within Rocks
  • Added ability to "Open in Explorer"
  • Added Web Application Special Characters to build process

Team Development for Sitecore 3.1.9

February 7, 2012
  • Improved error message displayed when duplicate ID's are found.
  • Fixed a bug in the rename function.
  • Added a fix to prevent sync errors that occur when pushing new items in the TDS project, at a folder with wildcards, using the sync window.
  • Made TDS more aware of template dependancy loops.
  • Added a re-try option to load the item in the event the first try failed. This was happening when the template of an item had changed and Sitecore caching was determined to be an issue.
  • Fixed an issue with naming subfolders under a branch.
  • Stopped TDS from resetting "shared" shared field when importing a template into Sitecore.

Team Development for Sitecore

December 12, 2011

  • Checkout the project file if an item property changes
  • Prevent Dragging anything into the TDS project
  • Fixed sync issues with items that have been renamed under Sitecore items that are set to NoChildSync

Team Development For Sitecore

November 8, 2011

  • Advancements to the "Select all Children" option in the Get Sitecore Items window
  • Improved effectiveness when right clicking on items in Get Sitecore items
  • The problem with the close button on the new Get Sitecore Items window has been fixed
  • There was a issue with wildcards, where the service wouldn't return sub-folders, in folders with wildcards. It has been resolved.
  • Improved the TDS 3.1 installation onto build servers

Team Development For Sitecore

September 6, 2011

  • Added Splash screen
  • Added new Get Items window to improve getting items into TDS
  • Added cancel button on Sync Window
  • Added Incremental deployment
  • Fixed bug in 64-bit build
  • Added new checks to sync project items that have fields that have been removed from the project
  • Fixed edge case issue with connector installation
  • Improved performance of startup when there is a problem with the rocks URL
  • Fixed bug with rocks and renaming an item
  • Fixed a problem with Updates failing due to missing fields
  • Fixed setup problems when windows isn’t installed in c:\windows
  • Fixed setup so it will not fail if VS isn’t installed

Team Development For Sitecore

May 2, 2011

  • Added Source Code for a Command Line package installer. This will provide users with a starting point to script their installs. Source code can be found here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Hedgehog Development\Team Development for Sitecore (VS2010)\
  • Prevent sync failures if a template is its own base template
  • Improve error handling when there is an empty .item file
  • Improve error reporting when there are errors collecting Sitecore items in the build
  • Improve handling of 500 errors on the sitecore server
  • Improved the rendering of icon images in solution window
  • Fixed ctrl-c and ctrl-insert on property pages
  • Fix null reference if build proprety page is open while closing VS
  • Changed time to 24 hr time when making packages
  • Improved rename handling
  • Updated Package generation to not include post deployment step in files only package
  • Fixed a bug where the Rocks connector wasn't accurately picking up the current config

Team Development For Sitecore

March 1, 2011

  • Added Sitecore Rocks Integration
  • Added Field Level Deployments
  • Upgraded Template designer
  • Added file system aliasing for items
  • Renamed web service from TfsService to TdsService
  • Added "IsTdsRequest" entry to Sitecore.Context.Items to specify that the request is a Tds request. This would be useful for pipeline steps, or custom item managers, to detect if API calls are from TDS
  • Improved handling of wildcard items
  • Improved handling of null field in sync window
  • Improved SVN interaction with item rename
  • Improved user experience upgrading connector
  • Improved error handling
  • Improved handling of duplicate items during sync
  • Added Icon refresh logic
  • Allowed user to deselect web application
  • Improved .user file editing
  • Added registry key to support VisualSVN
  • Reset all shared fields prior to loading an item. This is a workaround for Sitecore bug #337147.
  • Double clicking a template in the template designer will open the template in Rocks (if installed) or template designer in a Visual Studio tab IE interface

Team Development For Sitecore

November 1, 2010

  • Improved error scenarios for source code checkin/checkout
  • Fix problem where TDS doesn't recognise <null> vs. Empty String
  • Added textbox Cues to build properties to help developers
  • Improved text rendering in diff window
  • Renamed TfsService to TdsService
  • Removed unused methods
  • Better exception handling
  • Updated File Rename interface with MSSCCI provider
  • Renamed Item Designer to Template Designer
  • Show fields making up the template in Template Designer
  • Connector lines now get bold when selected
  • All connector lines for a shape get bold when shape id selected
  • Improved user experience when upgrading the TDS connector
  • Improved error handling in the sync window refresh button
  • Reduce the number of errors TDS causes when removing items from the tree when SVN is used for SC
  • Fixed a problem with the user syncing the project root and clicking "refresh"
  • Fixed a problem with the "Build Output Path" not saving correctly when editing the per-user file
  • Fixed installer to not throw an invalid product key exception when repairing the TDS installation
  • Fixed sync crash when a file is missing on the local file system
  • Skip display of actions on nodes that are the same
  • Fixed another recursive loop in builds and sync
  • Fixed rename to the same name as a deleted item on sync
  • Fixed problems with the way Sitecore handles duplicate items during Sync
  • Added "fast fail" to the sync window when the access guid doesn't match
  • Added checking in the sync window to prevent problems if the project changes
  • Updated the default array sizes for 2010 wcf to be more reasonable for what TDS needs to do

Team Development For Sitecore 2.1.0

July 12, 2010

The 2.1 version contains our single most requested feature - multiple database support. You can now connect to all the Sitecore databases. This is done by creating a new TDS project, and configuring the database you want the project to connect to via the General tab (right click on the TDS project, and select properties).

  • Added Multiple Sitecore Databases – you can now create individual TDS projects for all of the Sitecore databases not just Master
  • Added HTTPS support – you can now point TDS to a HTTPS server as long as that server has a valid security certificate
  • Security checks are now disabled when getting items from TDS
  • Added additional syncing checks for move/rename – sync window now gives you a warning letting you know that a folder may have been moved to a different spot in the tree rather than deleted
  • Excluded items are labeled in sync window – items that are marked as “exclude” in the Deployment Property manager, are now marked as “exclude” in the sync window
  • You can now edit the .user file in the project properties window instead of having to edit the file directly using a text editor
  • Improved file replacements when creating packages
  • Improved performance of menus
  • Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the build server fails when a package is being built and TDS isn't pointing at a web application
  • Improved error handling in the Post deploy steps
  • Fixed a problem where syncing fails if an item isn't found on Sitecore
  • Fixed build error with reloading project settings
  • Improved error messages for Package build failures
  • Fixed a bug with the installer application loading dll's out of sequence

Team Development For Sitecore 2.0.0

April 21, 2010

Since we released our last version in December of 2009, we have been working hard to make continual improvements to Team Development for Sitecore. These improvements include:

  • Improved performance when working with large files.
  • Improved performance when loading large projects with a large number of files.
  • We addressed all the bugs reported to us by our clients.
  • Improved renaming/deleting/moving of files in Sitecore.
  • The Deployment Property Manager allows you to create custom deployment configurations for each of your environments

Of course, you generally would want to add at least one new major piece of functionality when going from a 1.0 release to a 2.0 release.

Well we have added 2.

First, we have added the ability to generate Sitecore Update Packages automatically. Whenever you do a build, TDS will now create the required update package you need to install on servers that are disconnected from TDS. This is a major enhancement to TDS, and we are very excited to be able to include it in this release. TDS is already a great time saver, and now with automatic package generation, it is going to save you and your team even more time. How does it work? It couldn't be easier. Configure how your items should be included in the package by using the "Deployment Property Manager" in TDS. Your package will be generated at build time and is then ready to be installed via Sitecore's "Update Installation Wizard"

Second, we are proud to announce that TDS works with the newly released Visual Studio 2010. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, and a member of the Visual Studio Inner Circle program, we have been working with various builds of VS2010 for some time now. We wanted to make sure that TDS 2.0 would fully work with the released version of VS2010, and we happy to announce that it does. Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and Team Development for Sitecore 2.0 are the perfect combination for getting your Sitecore projects release as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Team Development For Sitecore

December 16, 2009

  • Full support for moving, deleting, and renaming items in Sitecore
  • Performance improvements around large content items
  • Improved the install and uninstall process for TDS
  • Supports long file paths from Sitecore serialization
  • Allow items with $ in the name to be deployed correctly
  • Improved error messaging
  • Updated icon cache code so it upgrades the icons in the project if the user is using Sitecore version 6.2
  • Added improved error message for duplicate item names. Thanks HH
  • Fixed problem with syncing nodes that are broken in Sitecore. The most common cause of broken nodes is the template has been removed from Sitecore without removing the node
  • Fixed issue where TDS was bring in proxied items
  • Fixed deployment issues with nodes being out of order in the project and fixed the order of base template deployments
  • Fixed issue where the ItemReader would crash on version less items
  • Fixed a problem with icons where the node we were getting the icon for wasn't on Sitecore

Team Development For Sitecore

September 11, 2009

  • Fixed problems where there are duplicate item ID's during updates
  • Updated VSIP project so 2008 and 2010 projects ae compatible
  • Fixed a problem determining if the Sitecore item is already in the project
  • Minor improvements to the GetSitecoreItem UI
  • Improved exception dialogs during syncing operation
  • Improved the look and feel of the Add Sitecore item dialog to grey out items in the project, and to put the template names in a column
  • Improved Sync workflow to handle errors much better
  • Added a deployment config to the "Deploy" item on the menu works correctly
  • Minor improvement to the look of GetSitecoreitem dialog
  • Fixed a bug with the new "Get Sitecore items" dialog

Team Development For Sitecore

September 2, 2009

  • Fixed the minimum size of windows
  • Added all NoAction items to the sync dependency construction routines. The NoAction items were filtered when the action was performed

Team Development For Sitecore

August 28, 2009

  • Modified TDS to use default credentials
  • Updated sync to pass credentials if needed
  • Modified sync to pick up properties as well as fields for compare
  • Updated the the deploymnet to check for parent/child item errors and fail the build if there are problems
  • Sent the parent/child error to the error list with a link to the actual item
  • Modified the filtering functionality in the "Sync With Sitecore" screen
  • Added ability to show deployment property manger at a selected node, instead of the whole tree
  • Added new icons to the "Sync With Sitecore Screen"
  • Added 48x48 and 64x64 icon types to the icon for Vista
  • Updated Setup to properly install tool windows

Team Development For Sitecore

August 18, 2009

  • Fixed compare so that it recognizes changes to the template for a content item

Team Development For Sitecore 1.0.31

August 14, 2009

  • Added tool for locating items in the Sitecore tree during sync
  • Minor text changes

Team Development For Sitecore 1.0.30

August 11, 2009

  • Updated diff list to ignore multiple versions of "Created By"
  • Added some additional exception handling to the sync window to prevent exceptions fro mbeing passed to Visual Studio
  • Added toolbar to sync window to help selecting sync actions
  • Ignored _Revision, _Updated, and _Updated by fields when syncing
  • Minor text changes

Team Development For Sitecore 1.0

July 2, 2009

  • Initial Release