The TDS Options Window allows you to access global settings for TDS, these settings will apply across all Visual Studio instances.

To access the TDS Option Window click on the Tools menu then Options. TDS Options will be visible in the left hand list:

General Options

The following options are available in the General Options screen:


  • Autorun Code Generation – If true, code generation will automatically run when new items are added to a TDS project or an items custom properties / namespace change. Setting this value to false will require the developer to manually run code generation.
  • Run Code Generation for changes – Allows the developer to enable/disable code generation after Sitecore items change. This should be disabled if automatic code generation is slowing down your development.
  • Autosave Project File – When set to true the project file will be automatically saved when items are added to the TDS project file.
  • AutoSync changes in Sitecore – When set to true, TDS will automatically find changes in Sitecore and bring those changes into the TDS project as they occur. This function uses the Sync Using History engine for tracking changes. The rules used in Sync Using History are the same rules used by AutoSync.
  • Background Cache Loading – Loads and parses Sitecore items files in the TDS project in the background. This speeds up initial project loading.
  • Check for Updates – When set to true TDS will check for updates when a solution is loaded and prompt the developer when an update is available.
  • Content File Sync – When enabled, TDS will automatically copy changed files of the build type 'Content' from the Source Web Project to their appropriate location in the Sitecore Deploy Folder.
  • Disable Git warnings – Prevents TDS from checking if Git merge has been properly configured when the solution is opened.
  • Lightning Sync Mode – When enabled, TDS will check the Revision ID's of an item in Sitecore against the Revision ID's of the local item. If they match, the Sync window will not compare the items field by field.
  • Old Deployment Property Manager – Disables the new DPM window and re-enables the old one.

Sync Window

The Sync screen allows you to set a list of fields that should be ignored when comparing items. Items with differences only in these fields will not show up in the Sync Window as being different.

Checking the Hide fields with the same value in the Sync Results will stop fields with identical values from being displayed in the Sync Window, this can make it easier to compare items.

 Sync Window Languages options

The Sync Window Languages options panel allows you to add a list of languages you want to ignore when syncing your changes with Sitecore.