The sync window allows the developer to review all differences between their TDS project and Sitecore. After reviewing the differences the developer can decide how to resolve the differences between the TDS project and Sitecore.

When the developer selects a change in the tree view, at the top of the Sync Window, each of the fields in the item are shown in the lower half of the tree view. Any difference is highlighted, red meaning the field is only in one environment, or blue meaning the field is in both environments, but they don’t match.

The developer can choose how to resolve the differences by clicking on the right-most column and choosing an action. The available actions are:

Update Project – Pulls the changes from Sitecore into the project.

Update Sitecore – Pushes the changes from the project into Sitecore.

Add to Project – Adds the item to the project.

Add to Sitecore – Adds the item to Sitecore.

Remove from Project – Removes the item from the project.

Remove from Sitecore – Removes the item from Sitecore.

Merge – Merges the fields for the item in the merge window.

The buttons at the top left of the Sync Window allow the developer to choose an action on all selected Sitecore items in the item tree. The buttons will choose the correct action in each of the selected Sitecore item. This saves the developer time when moving large numbers of changes.

Once the developer has chosen the appropriate action for each difference, the “Do Updates” button is used to apply all the updates.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Combination Action
Ctrl + Left Arrow Update Project
Ctrl+ Right Arrow Update Sitecore
Ctrl+ Up Arrow Merge Item