The Sync Using History Window allows the developer to view their changes based on the content of the Sitecore History table. This sync window works much like the original sync window; the major upgrade of the Sync Using History Window is focused around its performance over the original sync window. Since the Sync Using History Window is only viewing items in the history table, it can find changes made by the developer much more rapidly.

The Sync Using History Window will intelligently filter the content of the history table before presenting them to the user. The filter criteria for showing an item in the Sync Using History Window is based on the following:

  1. After right-clicking on the solution and choosing the option to open the Sync window, all items under that project’s Sitecore item will be shown.
  2. If the item is in the project.
  3. If the item in the history is under a Sitecore item in the project that has Child Item Sync set to All Children.

If an item in the history table meets these criteria, then it’s latest history entry is shown in the top portion of the dialog.

Here are the new buttons in the Sync Using History Window:

  • The Make selected project items match Sitecore button causes all selected project items,  in the project, match their cooresponding Sitecore items.
  • The Make selected Sitecore items match project button causes all selected Sitecore items, in the project, to match their cooresponding project items.
  • The Merge fields during update button causes a merge window to open when updating Sitecore. This merge window allows the developer to choose to update only selected field values instead of the whole item.
  • The Hide fields with no changes check box causes the item differences pane in the lower half of the sync window to filter out fields that match, only showing fields that are different.
  • The Date column contains the date of the most recent change to the item. Only the most recent changes are shown in the list.
  • The Item Path column contains the current path to the item.
  • The Status column describes the difference between the item in TDS and the item in the target Sitecore instance.
  • The developer can select an action to perform by clicking on the text in this column and selecting the appropriate action from the dropdown. By default, TDS will always choose No Action.
  • The developer can review the changes to an item in more detail in the lower pane.

After selecting the desired operations, clicking the Do Updates button performs the actions on the items.

Please Note: The Sync Using History Window will only find changes based on the content of the history table. This means that Sitecore operations that do not make an entry in the history table, such as Serialization, will not be included in the window.