The Sync Sitecore Roles window allows the developer to compare all roles in Sitecore with the roles in the TDS project, much the same way Sitecore items are managed. Before using the Sync Sitecore Roles feature, it must be enabled for the project.

  1. This is done by opening the TDS project properties and, on the General Property tab, enabling the “Manage Sitecore Roles in TDS” check box.
  2. Once this is enabled, a “Sitecore Roles” folder will appear under the TDS project in the solution explorer.

Example solution window with Sync Sitecore Roles enabled

Right clicking on the Sitecore Roles folder will open a menu with an option called Sync Sitecore Roles. Choosing this option will open the Sync Sitecore Roles window.

The Sync Sitecore Roles window operates much like the other Sitecore sync windows. Since there are far fewer roles in Sitecore than items, the Sync Sitecore Roles window is much simpler.

  1. The Make selected project items match Sitecore button causes all selected project items,  in the project, to match their cooresponding Sitecore items.
  2. The Make selected Sitecore items match project button causes all selected Sitecore items, in the project, to match their cooresponding project items.
    This column contains the name of the role.
  3. The Status column describes the difference between the item in TDS and the item in the target Sitecore instance.
  4. The developer can select an action to perform by clicking on the text in this column and selecting the appropriate action from the dropdown. By default, TDS will always choose No Action.
  5. Shows the members that are part of the role in the project.
  6. Shows the members that are part of the role in Sitecore.

After selecting the desired operations, clicking the Do Updates button performs the actions on the roles.

Roles in the TDS project can be deployed using TDS, or compiled into an update package for deployment on a remote server.