The Ensure Parent Integrity validator ensures that the hierarchy of the TDS tree is correct.

This validator does not have any Additional Properties.

When working with TDS it is possible that a child item may end up with an incorrect parent ID. This will cause issues during deployment because the parent of the child will not exist in the target database. This validator will check that the parent ID for a child item matches the ID of its parent.

This scenario typically occurs in a multi-developer environment where two developers have created an item at the same level with the same name. For example our developers Higgs and Boson both create an item called Physics beneath the node /Sitecore/content. Higgs adds the item into a TDS project and pushes the changes to source control. Boson then pulls these changes from source control and syncs their project with TDS. Noticing that the Physics item has already been added to the solution they only add the new children they have created beneath Physics. These items will now have the parent ID for the Physics item on Boson's instance but the TDS project contains the Physics item from Higgs machine, this cause and ID mismatch.