The Don't Sync Children validator ensure that the Child Item Synchronization property of an item is set to NoChildSynchronization. The items to validate are defined in the Additional Properties field.

The default Additional Properties are:

  • /sitecore/system
  • /sitecore/media library/System
  • /sitecore/layout/Layouts/System
  • /sitecore/layout/Renderings/System
  • /sitecore/layout/Simulators
  • /sitecore/templates/System
  • /sitecore/templates/Branches/System

If an items Child Item Synchronization is set to KeepAllChildrenSynchronised or KeepDirectDescendantsSyncronized on deployment any items that exist in the target Sitecore database but not in the TDS project will be deleted. This validator will ensure that this scenario does not occur.