The File Replacements property tab allows the developer to have TDS copy additional files during the deployment process. These may be configuration files for the web site, or for external tools.

TDS must have write access to the file/folder specified in the Target Location field.

The settings in the File Replacements Tab may be set seperately for each Project Configuration


The settings in the grid allow the developer to specify the source location of a file or folder and the location to copy at build time. All file copies take place after the Source Web Project has been compiled and copied to the project output folder, but before packaging and/or copying the built assets to the Sitecore deploy folder. This allows the developer to specify additional files to be included in the update package.

The developer can choose the type of copy to perform. If "Folder" is selected, the contents of the source location, including sub-folders, will be copied to the target location. If "File" is selected, the file specified by Source Location is copied to the Target Location.

The current directory used when copying to the target location is the build output folder. e.g. If the developer wants to copy a file into the bin folder of the project, the Target Location would be "./bin".

The "Make selected Source Location relative" changes the value in the source location field of the selected row to a location relative to the TDS project. This is useful for setting up Project Configurations that will run on a build server.