TDS will automatically create Sitecore Update Packages as part of a build. The Update Package Property Tab configures how TDS generates the Update Packages.

The settings for generating packages may be set seperately for each Project Configuration.

Package Name

The name of the package to generate.

Generate Package

Enabling this checkbox causes TDS to generate a package while building the project configuration specified in the "Configuration" dropdown at the top of the page.

Package Author

Allows the developer to set the package author field of the generated update package.

Package Publisher

Allows the developer to set the package publisher field of the generated update package.

Package Version

Allows the developer to set the package version field of the generated update package.

Package Readme

Allows the developer to set the package read me field of the generated update package. The read me field supports multiple lines of text and html.

Seperate Code And Item Packages

This setting causes TDS to generate two update packages during the build. The packages will split compiled code and Sitecore items into seperate packages to allow for more flexibility during the deployment of the packages.

One of the reasons to use this feature is if there is a robust code deployment process already in place. This way, TDS isn't replacing the existing deployment process for code.

Append the Date and Time to Package Name

Selecting this option causes TDS to generate a package with the Date and Time embedded in the package name.

Sitecore Assembly Path

TDS uses Sitecore to build the update packages. This ensures TDS packages remain compatible with Sitecore update packages for future versions of Sitecore.

This field contains a path to a folder that contains the Sitecore assemblies used to create the package. This path can be an absolute path or a relative path.

If the field is left blank, TDS will automatically search subfolders in the $(SolutionDir)/packages folder for the required dll's. This is useful if the Sitecore assemblies are included in the solution using NuGet packages. The assemblies do not have to be included in the TDS project, and do not have to be in a single NuGet package.

The TDS Package builder requires the assemblies: Sitecore.Kernel.Dll, Sitecore.Logging.Dll, Sitecore.Update.Dll and Sitecore.Zip.Dll.

The assemblies should be from the version of Sitecore you are deploying to.

TDS cannot generate Update Packages without the four assemblies specified above.

Frequently Asked Questions

You need to specify the path to the required dll's from the property page of your TDS project.

Right click on your TDS project and click on 'Properties.' From there, go to the "Update Package" tab. There is a text box with the label "Sitecore Assembly Path." That textbox should have a relative path to the directory containing the dll's.

The first thing you should do is change the logging options on the build to increase the amount of information in the log. To do this, go to the Tools->Options menu. Select Projects and Solutions/Build and Run. There is a dropdown for “MSBuild project output verbosity” Please set this to “Normal” it is most likely set to “Minimal”.

Do your build and open the “Output Window” Select “Build” in the Show Output From: dropdown. This should have your build output. You should review the output and look for any error messages. If nothing jumps out at you, set the verbosity to "Diagnostic" and try the build again. A word of caution, with the verbosity set to Diagnostic you will get a LOT of information, and it may be tough to wade through it all. This is why we recommend you start by setting the verbosity to "Normal".

The next thing to do is to check the Project dependencies.

1. Right click on your solution and go to "Project Dependencies"
2. Choose your TDS Project from the drop down

Does the TDS project have a dependency on your web application project?

If not...
1. Go to properties of the TDS project
2. Go to the General tab

Is the "Source Web project" dropdown populated with the web application project?

If so, choose "<none>" and save. Then reselect your web application project and save.

Recheck the project dependencies dialog.

You should also check the Deployment Properties of the Sitecore items. You should set them as “Deploy Once”. Please see Deployment Properties and how they impact deploying items. You can right click on an item in the TDS solution and choose “Deployment Property Manager…” to view/manage these properties all at once instead of working through the property window.

If none of these solutions work, please send us the Build output (after changing the verbosity), as well as a copy of the SCPROJ file.