The Environment Validation property page allows the developer to ensure their Sitecore environment is the same as other developers on their team. TDS can ensure the correct Sitecore Modules are install in the target environment before deploying the TDS project. It can also check to make sure the Sitecore assemblies referenced by the Source Web Project match the Sitecore assemblies in the target environment.

Path to Package

Allows the developer to enter or browse to the Sitecore package to be added to the Selected Packages list.

Selected Packages

List of packages that are required on the target Sitecore server. These are checked during deployment to make sure the package is present. The build will fail if the package hasn't been installed.

Install Package Configurations

List of configurations in the project where TDS is deploying Sitecore items to. If an item in the list is checked, the package will be deployed if it hasn't been deployed to that server..

Assembly Validation

When Assembly validation is enabled, TDS will verify the Sitecore assemblies referenced by the Source web project(s) have the same file version before pushing the assemblies to Sitecore. If the assembly versions are different, the build fails. This prevents corrupting the Sitecore environment by pushing the incorrect versions of the Sitecore assemblies.