TDS can generate Nuget packages from a TDS project, you can then distribute this package using Other TDS users will be able to download the Nuget package into their TDS project.

The settings for generating Nuget packages may be set seperately for each Project Configuration.

Package Id

The unique identifier for the package.


The version of the package, in a format like 1.2.3.


The human-friendly title of the package displayed in the Manage NuGet Packages dialog. If none is specified, the ID is used instead.


A comma-separated list of authors of the package.


A comma-separated list of the package creators. This is often the same list as in authors. This is ignored when uploading the package to the Gallery.


A short description of the package. If specified, this shows up in the middle pane of the Add Package Dialog. If not specified, a truncated version of the description is used instead.


A long description of the package. This shows up in the right pane of the Add Package Dialog as well as in the Package Manager Console when listing packages using the Get-Package command.

Release Notes

Description of the changes made in each release of the package. This field only shows up when the _Updates_ tab is selected and the package is an update to a previously installed package. It is displayed where the Description would normally be displayed.


The locale ID for the package, such as en-us.

Project Url

A URL for the home page of the package

Icon Url

A URL for the image to use as the icon for the package in the Manage NuGet Packages dialog box. This should be a 32x32-pixel .png file that has a transparent background.

License Url

A link to the license that the package is under.


Copyright details for the package.


A space-delimited list of tags and keywords that describe the package. This information is used to help make sure users can find the package using searches in the Add Package Reference dialog box or filtering in the Package Manager Console window.

Require license acceptance

Specifies whether the client needs to ensure that the package license (described by licenseUrl) is accepted before the package is installed.

Nuget Dependencies Package Id

When creating a Nuget package you can created dependencies on other Nuget packages. The other Nuget packages will be automatically downloaded when someone downloads your Nuget package.

Nuget Dependencies Version

The version of the Nuget package the project is dependent on.