The General Property Tab allows the developer to set project wide properties on the TDS project.

Source Web Project

The Source Web Project is the web project TDS will compile and copy to the location specified in the Sitecore Web Root in the Build Property Tab. If this is set to <None>, then TDS will not build a project and deploy it.

Sitecore Database

This field controls the Sitecore database, which TDS references for all of its operations. The default value is "master", but "core" is another common setting. This field applies to all project configurations of TDS.


During the TDS build process, versions of TDS prior to 4.0 removed any DLL starting with "Sitecore." from the /bin folder of the compiled web site. This was done to reduce the likelihood of someone deploying referenced Sitecore assemblies from an incorrect version of Sitecore.

This worked well in most cases, but a few customers had issues with it. The Assemblies feature allows the developer to control what DLLs, if any, are included or removed from the /bin folder.

Removing DLL's from the /bin folder can also reduce the likelihood of an AppPool recycle.

The user can also switch the Assemblies function to "Include" mode. This causes TDS to only copy the assemblies specified in the Assembly list

Manage Sitecore Roles in TDS

This check box enables the role management feature of TDS. Once this feature is enabled the developer can sync, deploy and package Sitecore roles in the project.

Deploy Items Changed After

Allows the developer to create a "delta" build based on the latest __Updated date for an item. Any items updated before the date are excluded and items updated on or after the date are included in the build and package.

The developer can specify an absolute or relative date to exclude items by.

Frequently Asked Questions

Beginning with version 2.1 of Team Development for Sitecore, you can create a separate TDS project for each database you wish to connect to. Simply add a new TDS project to your solution, right click on the project name, select properties, and then on the General tab specify the Sitecore database you wish to connect to. By default, the Master database is selected.

To configure the deployment settings for additional projects do the following:

  1. If you are using a .user file for the 1st project, then copy that to the 2nd TDS project's location.
  2. The "Source Web Project" setting should be left blank. This will prevent building twice and allow you to leave the "Deploy" folder blank.
  3. The settings in the configuration manager can be the same.