In some cases, moving all fields in an item to/from Sitecore isn’t the best option. The merge window allows the developer to decide where to get individual field values from. The fields on the left contain the values found in the project. The fields on the right contain the values from Sitecore.

The developer can choose to move fields from the project to Sitecore or from Sitecore into the project. The arrows down the center of the field list show the direction the field values will move.

The direction can be changed by selecting a field or fields and clicking the appropriate arrow under the field list. As an alternative, clicking on the left side of the field list will cause the direction for the selected field to be changed to the left, and clicking on the right will cause the direction to be changed to the right.

Once the developer has chosen the direction for the fields, they can approve the change with the “Ok” button, skip merging the item or cancel the entire sync operation.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard CombinationAction
Shift + Left ArrowUpdate Project
Shift + Right ArrowUpdate Sitecore