The Get Sitecore Items function allows the developer to bring specific Sitecore items into their project from the current Sitecore instance.

To bring an item into the TDS project from Sitecore, click the check box next to the name of the Sitecore item.

Items that are greyed out are already in the TDS project. These items can still be expanded and items under the greyed-out item can be brought into the TDS project.

Multiple items can be selected by using the <Shift> key to select a block of items or the <Ctrl> key to toggle the selection on an item.

Each item has a Right-Click menu that allows the developer to select/unselect the item and all items under the item in Sitecore.

Right-clicking on the item and selecting “Select all Children” will cause the items to automatically have the Deployment Property “Keep all children in sync” automatically set.

For more information about Sitecore Item Deployment properties, see Deployment Property Manager.