Warning: You are updating the ID of the Sitecore item '???'. Would you like to re-parent items under the existing item in Sitecore to the item in TDS?

This message will occur if you choose to change the ID of an item in Sitecore with the ID from TDS. By changing the parent ID in Sitecore the child items would become orphaned, TDS recognises this as a potential problem and will fix this issue.

Warning: Removing the Sitecore item ??? will remove all its children. Do you wish to proceed?

Deleting the item will cause all descendant items to be deleted. Once items have been deleted it may no be possible to recover them.

A network error occurred during the sync operation. Please make sure the Sitecore server is reachable.
??? Error communicating with TDS Service. Please see the Application Exception Log on the Sitecore Server for more details.

TDS was unable to connect to the Sitecore server. If this error keeps occurring check the following:

  1. Navigate to the Sitecore instance in a web browser and check that the site is available.
  2. Ensure that no firewalls are blocking access to the Sitecore instance.
  3. Navigate to the folder on disk that contains the Sitecore instance and check that the folder _DEV exists.
  4. Check that the _DEV folder contains the files TdsService.asmx and web.config..
  5. Check that the bin folder for the Sitecore instance contains the file HedgehogDevelopment.SitecoreProject.Service.dll.

The item ??? contains illegal characters, the item has not been added to TDS.

Certain characters in names will cause issues in TDS or the Sitecore Update Packager. To avoid this issue TDS blocks a user from importing those items. The list of illegal character is: ", *, /, :, ;, ?, \, |, +, <, >, ',', @

Some items in your Sitecore instance may have been moved and are not being properly picked up by the sync window. To properly sync items that have moved in the Sitecore content tree, the sync operation must be started at an item that is a parent to both the original and current location of the moved item(s). Please review the messages in the output window for more details.

This error occurs when an item is renamed or moved but then not synced high enough up the tree to affect both the old location and the new location. For example if an item is moved from /sitecore/content/oldparent/item to /sitecore/content/newparent/item and then a sync with TDS is carried out from the newparent node. TDS would pick up that a new item exists beneath newparent but but not remove it from the old location because the sync was not carried out from high enough in the tree to cause oldparent to sync.

The .item file for ??? could not be found in the project folder.

If an item in TDS is missing the .item file on disk this error will occur when trying to sync with Sitecore. If this error occurs check the following:

  • Check that the file exists in the expected location on disk
  • Ensure that you have the latest from source control. This error can occur if you have the latest project file but have not downloade the individual item files.
  • Check that the .item file has been checked into source control by the developer who first created it and check that the project file has been correctly checked in.
  • Ensure that there hasn't been a merge issue with the project file. For example the item may have been moved but when a developer merged the project file they may have left the reference to the old location rather than the new location.
  • Check that the file hasn't been accidently deleted.

An Item ID conflict was encountered while applying your updates. Please see the output window for more details. Not all of the selected updates were applied.

This error is caused by a project having duplicate items with the same ID. This cause a problem because it could cause multiple updates to the same item and unexpected behaviour. Any duplicates found during the sync process will be logged to the Visual Studio Output Window. If a duplicate is found then the duplicates should be removed so that only one item exists in the TDS solution with a particular ID.

TDS was unable to synchronize some templates with Sitecore. This is because some dependent templates were not found in Sitecore. Please include dependent templates in the synchronization window.

When syncing items with Sitecore this error will occur if the template and item is dependant on are missing in Sitecore. To avoid this error ensure that the level synced from includes any required templates or sync the template section first.

Warning: The item '???' has itself as a base template.

If a template inherits itself, either directly or through inheritance of other templates that eventually reference the template this message will appear. This error can be fixed by removing the circular reference.

Duplicate item found. Operation can not be completed.

During the process of importing items from Sitecore this message will appear if the item being imported into TDS has already been imported but in another section of the tree. This normally occurs if the item has been moved to a new location but this change has not been synced. To resolve either remove the duplicate item in Sitecore or remove the duplicate item from TDS.

There were problems installing the Sitecore Connector. Please verify that the Sitecore Web Url and Sitecore Deploy Folder in the Build properties are pointing at the correct locations. For more information, please see the output window.

There was an issue installing the TDS Sitecore Web Service. To resolve check the following:

  • A Sitecore Web Url has been specified and is accessible
  • A Sitecore Deploy Folder has been specified and is accessible from the developer machine.
  • Navigate to the folder on disk that contains the Sitecore instance and check that the folder _DEV exists.
  • Check that the _DEV folder contains the files TdsService.asmx and web.config..
  • Check that the bin folder for the Sitecore instance contains the file HedgehogDevelopment.SitecoreProject.Service.dll.

The selected item cannot be found in Sitecore.

The item in Sitecore can not be found this can happen during the process of syncing with Sitecore if the item is deleted while the sync process takes place. The sync process can be re-run but the missing item will be shown as deleted.

Error '???' saving the validation file.

TDS was unable to save the validation file. Check the following:

  • The folder that will contain the file exists.
  • Visual Studio has access to the folder.
  • The file is not marked as Read Only.

The Sync window can not be refreshed at this time. Please use the right-click menu to select the Sitecore items you wish to sync.

The Sync Window has lost its context and no longer knows which project or item to refresh from. Closing the Sync Window and starting the Sync Window again by selecting an item in a TDS project will solve the issue.

Warning: TDS could not move the item because the parent item ??? is not in the project.

The issue is caused by trying to move an item in TDS to an item that hasn't yet be include in the TDS project. To resolve this issue sync higher up the tree or manually add the item to the TDS project. If performing a sync higher up the tree ensure that the items in TDS have the appropriate sync settings, e.g. Sync Children vs No Child Sync.

Warning: TDS could not load all files for the project. The files may be missing or corrupted. Please see the General pane in the output window for more details.

This error will be thrown when a project tries to load a missing or corrupted TDS project file. TDS project file corruption is normally the result of merging the project file when pulling updates from source control. The project file will probably need to be opened and the XML manually corrected. If the project file itself is missing ensure that you have the latest from source control.

Sitecore Visual Studio Integration license error: ???

There was an error when trying to validate the TDS license. You can set the TDS license by click Help > View TDS License. If this doesn't work try removing and reinstalling TDS.

You can't select ??? because it would create a dependency loop.

This error message will display when you try to assign a project dependency in the Multi-project Properties, if the assignment would create a loop, e.g. Project 1 reference Project 2 and then the user tries to make Project 2 reference Project 1. TDS does not allow this because it would cause issues with code generation and package file generation.

Do you want to regenerate code for dependant TDS projects?

When code is regenerated for a project TDS will check if the project has dependent projects and prompt to regenerate code for these projects. The helps to ensure that dependant code generation that relies on base templates in the current project correctly update their references.

An error occured trying to load the TDS global config. Please see the Output Window for more information.

This message indicates that the global TDS config contains errors and couldn't be loaded. To avoid corruption of the TDS projects they will have been uploaded. To resolve fix the issues in the TDS global file and reload the TDS projects.

Duplicate items have been found beneath ???, do you want to continue getting items beneath this node?

The Get Sitecore Items window has detected that a duplicate item exists beneath the given path. TDS currently only supports items with unique names at each level in the Sitecore tree. You now have the choice to continue getting items beneath the node with the duplicate item or skip this item. If you continue to get items beneath this item the duplicate items will be ignored.

Duplicate item found ???

This warning indicates that two items exist at the same level in the Sitecore tree with the same name. TDS currently only supports items with unique names at each level in the Sitecore tree. To resolve this error rename one of the items at the indicated path.