The Deployment Property Manager allows developers to view and update deployment properties on many items at one time. This is a much more convenient way of managing deployment properties.

The Deployment Property Manager can be opened by right-clicking on the TDS project or any Sitecore item in the Solution Explorer and choosing "Deployment Property Manager". This opens a window showing the Exclude Items From, Child Item Synchronization and Item Deployment properties for all the Sitecore items under the item selected in the Solution Explorer. Initially, the Deployment property manager only shows Sitecore items with deployment properties that are different than their parents properties. Expanding the items in the tree will show all Sitecore items under the expanded item. Collapsing the item will hide any items that have the same properties as their parents.

When you select an item, you have the option to edit the three deployment properties in the lower portion of the screen

The Item Deployment dropdown will control how TDS behaves when the item is already in Sitecore. If “Once” is chosen, TDS will only deploy the item if it isn’t in Sitecore. If the item is in Sitecore, it will not overwrite it. Setting this value to “Always” will cause TDS to always push this item to Sitecore.

The Child Item Synchronization dropdown allows the developer to tell TDS to compare the items under the specified item and determine if the items belong in Sitecore or not. If “Child Sync” is set to “All Children” or “Direct Descendants”, TDS will remove Sitecore items that are not in the TDS project. This is most useful for developer-centric items such as Templates or Layouts. If “Child Sync” is set to “None”, TDS will ignore any Sitecore item that is not in the TDS Project.

Please note, TDS will not remove any Sitecore items if the “Recursive Deploy Action” in the build property page is set to “Ignore Sitecore Items not in the Project”. This is the default value for this setting.

The Exclude from Configuration list allows the developer to exclude the selected item and all its descendants from a project configuration.

The Set Descendant Properties button will change the deployment properties of all Sitecore items under the selected item to have the same deployment properties.

The Inherit Parent Properties button will set the current item to have the same deployment properties as its parent.

Clicking either of the buttons will potentially change the visibility of items in the tree view because their properties are being changed.