Sitecore Template Diagrammer

Whether you are a new developer on a project, a developer needing to understand the extent of the tree, or you need to show management or a client your Sitecore solution easily, there always comes a time when you'll need to visualize the entirety of your Sitecore tree. This ability, to visualize the complexity of your Sitecore tree in its entirety, is surprisingly difficult. We often have to create our own diagrams or try to explain it in ways that just don't convey what we are trying to get across. Hedgehog's Sitecore Template Diagrammer shows you your complete Sitecore tree in an easy to absorb fashion. Now new developers can get accustomed to your solution quickly, seasoned developers can find what they are looking for more easily, and management and clients can simply follow the extent of your work without a long explanation from you.

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