Hedgehog Development Bulgaria Attains Silver Application Development Competency

Sofia, Bulgaria – Hedgehog Development Bulgaria announces they have been awarded Microsoft’s Silver Application Development competency. This is a major step for Hedgehog Development as it appropriately shows the established talent that has been accumulating in that office. This competency acknowledgment sets up many avenues that will help both Hedgehog and its clientele.

Hedgehog Development Bulgaria was established in August 2012 and has added a wealth of talent, expertise, and accomplishments since. In just 18 months, Hedgehog’s Bulgaria office has added multiple talented solutions developers as well as an accomplished product support specialist to its staff, expanded its office size by adding a conjoining office, completed 15 successful implementations, in addition to earning the Microsoft Silver Application Development competency. All of these milestones illustrate how quickly Hedgehog Bulgaria has become an important player in the market.

To achieve Microsoft’s Silver Application Development competency, a company needs to have multiple Microsoft Certified Professionals on staff as well as several referrals from clients documenting the excellence exhibited by the company. This achievement acknowledges Hedgehog Bulgaria as a trusted resource for outstanding implementations that clients and companies can rely on. This is an accomplishment that represents the trust and quality Hedgehog gives to all its clients and partners. 

Hedgehog Development has a commitment and proven track record of reinvesting in itself and its clients. This competency will help Hedgehog’s Bulgarian presence going forward, as it is a key step in the growth plan. Hedgehog Bulgaria is an established brand that will continue to attract talented and successful developers to take on its growing clientele. Hedgehog’s clients will now enjoy all the benefits that come with working with a Microsoft Silver Partner. Hedgehog Bulgaria will be able to create and support the most cutting edge Microsoft technologies and techniques to consistently deliver the best product to Hedgehog’s clients.

About Hedgehog Development

Hedgehog Development LLC is headquartered in Long Island NY, with offices in Bulgaria, New York, and United Kingdom.  Hedgehog is focused on creating lifetime customer engagements on Sitecore’s Engagement Platform. Hedgehog is both a Sitecore Solution Partner as well as a Technology Partner, with nearly a decade of Sitecore experience, multiple Site of the Year awards, and two Sitecore MVPs. As a recognized leader in Sitecore Web Content Management implementations, custom application development, and integration services; Hedgehog is capable of making any dream a reality. Learn more about Hedgehog at

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