Hedgehog Releases New 4.0 Version of Team Development for Sitecore (TDS)

Holbrook, NY (October 1, 2012) – Hedgehog Development, a leading, custom application development company, today announced the release of its Team Development for Sitecore (TDS) 4.0. TDS is a plug-in for Visual Studio that simplifies the process of adding Sitecore items to your source control by allowing you to synchronize selected Sitecore items directly into your Visual Studio project, while also greatly simplifying the process of deployment. It streamlines the way individuals and teams develop Sitecore projects, work with each other, and with source control.

The release of TDS 4.0 comes after months of extensive beta testing by some of Hedgehog’s largest clients and showcases three key new features that substantially enhance the Sitecore development experience.

These key features are:

  • Automatic Code Generation — Makes coding quicker with less room for errors by eliminating the need for tedious, manual code generation.
  • Support for Configuration Transforms --- Eliminates the need for custom MS Build script or custom settings, so you can just build your solution and your config transformation will be made. 
  • Item Merging --- Adds more granularity by allowing you to update Sitecore for some fields and update the TDS project for others.

TDS 4.0 also offers:

  • Compatibility with Visual Studio 2012
  • Compatibility with Sitecore 6.5 and higher
  • The ability to duplicate an item in Sitecore Rocks and add it to TDS
  • Added web application special characters to build process
  • The option to allow for override of a project setting from MS Build

“Hedgehog is always striving to save our customers precious time while developing and deploying on Sitecore,” said Dan Galvez, Managing Partner. ”With the addition of automatic code generation, support for config transforms, and item merging to TDS 4.0, developers can work more efficiently than ever,” he added.


The per-seat cost for a TDS 4.0 license is $749.00 and includes one year of free upgrades (all releases) and technical support. A client can also purchase a maintenance agreement for 40% of their purchase, entitling them to another year of technical support and upgrades.

About Hedgehog

Hedgehog is a recognized leader in Sitecore Web Content Management implementations, custom application development, and integration services. The company is headquartered in Holbrook, Long Island, NY and serves clients around the world. Hedgehog’s specialties include .NET development and Visual Studio Team System , SQL Server, Cloud Services Development . A Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, and three-time recipient of the Customer Satisfaction Prize, Hedgehog was also recognized as a Partner of the Year in Microsoft’s New York/New Jersey Area Partner Awards Program for Application Development. Hedgehog is also part of Microsoft’s Inner Circle program for Visual Studio Team System .

In 2012, Hedgehog client Equinox was awarded the Best Sitecore Leisure/Healthclub Site of the Year. In 2010, another Hedgehog client, The Knot, was awarded the North American Sitecore Site of the Year , and the North American Sitecore Media Site of the Year. Additionally, Hedgehog’s celebrated Team Development for Sitecore product recently earned it the coveted position of Technology Partner in the Sitecore Partner program, making it one of only three worldwide partners that are both Sitecore Implementation and Sitecore technology partners.

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