September LI.NET User Group

Date: 9/6/2012
Time: 6:30PM
Location: 5 Hub Drive Melville NY

Have you ever bumped into a wall with your automated tests? Many developers bump into various roadblocks and hurdles when writing test code. Are your test methods starting to fail because the code-under-test uses DateTime.Now? Are your automated integration tests failing because the database they integrate with keeps changing? Do you have an explosion of test methods, with the ratio of test code to code-under-test way too high? Is your effort to refactor and improve code overwhelmed by the time it takes to rewrite all those failing unit tests?

This presentation is about clearing away automated testing obstacles, avoiding common pitfalls, and staying away from dangerous practices.

About the Speaker: Stephen Ritchie brings over 20 years of development experience and is the author of Pro .NET Best Practices

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