Introducing Hedgehog's Wellness Evaluation Program

Develop your Sitecore sites without worrying about your deployment structure

When it comes to something as valuable as your personal health, or even the maintenance of your car for that matter, you already know why it’s important to invest in regularly scheduled wellness check-ups. Well, the same holds true for your CMS. There are many factors within any given company and its IT structure that can adversely affect Sitecore performance. Since you chose wisely by selecting Sitecore, the world’s best CMS, we want to help you ensure that this important investment keeps running smoothly for years to come.

Our Sitecore Wellness Evaluation will provide you with the peace of mind you need so you can concentrate on content without worrying about whether or not your Sitecore deployment structure can support your solution. All you have to do is sign up, install a software program and let Hedgehog do the rest. We'll monitor your system every four months (or more, if you wish) and if we detect a potential issue, we'll diagnose and prescribe the best solution to give your system a clean bill of health.

  • Content Delivery Environment
  • Content Management Environment
  • Sitecore User Accounts and Roles
  • SQL Table Index Fragmentation
  • SQL Maintenance Plan
  • Cleanup Agent
  • Server Configuration Score
  • Database Server Properties
  • Recovery Model
  • IIS Server Configuration Sitecore Client
  • Security
  • Sitecore Content Tree
  • Diagram all Databases

What We Do

  • Inventory your Sitecore deployment.

    The first thing we’ll do is map out which IIS servers host your Content management (CM) and/or Content Delivery (CD) role. The Sitecore database targets that are specified in the web/config file on each CM or CD server are mapped to their corresponding SQL databases that are hosted on each SQL server(s). This is done via a remote session using Citrix Go-To assist. We can also leverage remote access via RDP if it is available. This first step gives us insight as to how each part of your deployment connection is strung together.

  • Create a diagram of your Sitecore deployment.

    We’ll provide you with a diagram of your entire Sitecore deployment, so you can have a better grasp on your site’s structure and flow. This information will help you create more robust builds and detect potential problems in the future more easily and readily.

  • Analyze each Sitecore validation we’ve performed.

    Based on our Sitecore best practices check-list, we can tell you where your site may be at risk and where your site is particularly strong. This will give you the ability to focus your energy on one key area, without worrying about overlooking other deployment areas.

  • Examine Sitecore best practices.

    There are many factors that can hamper your site’s performance. Our Sitecore specialists examine areas where performance issues can occur. These can be SQL server maintenance plans, OS event and system logs, IIS logs, Sitecore logs and Windows performance counters.

  • Provide recommendations for the future stability of your site.

    We’ll provide you with the best way to certify your site’s functionality for the future. Our recommendations come from years of experience and can help you avoid many mistakes we’ve seen occur with other Sitecore solutions.

    Don’t leave your site unprotected from unforeseen challenges that can put stress on the functionality of your Sitecore development. Enjoy many healthy, worry-free years of deployment with the Hedgehog Wellness Evaluation program. Sign up today

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