The Mandatory Minimum for Professional Sitecore Development

Watch our presentation from the 2013 Sitecore Users Virtual Summit!

The Best Practice in Sitecore Development

Watch our team give a first hand look into how TDS works and how it can improve your Sitecore deployment process

Sitecore Code Generation with the use of TDS 4.0

Sean Kearney demonstrates how to perform Code Generation for Sitecore Development using T4 Templates through TDS 4.0.

Team Development for Sitecore v3 and Sitecore Rocks Integration

This video will show you how Team Development for Sitecore seamlessly integrates Sitecore Rocks.

File System Aliasing with Team Development for Sitecore

With the newest version of Team Development for Sitecore you no longer are limited to the file systems path length. File System Aliasing in TDS 3.0 allows you to rename long file path names to something shorter and easier to manage without affecting how the name appears in Sitecore or Visual Studio.

Field Level Deployments

Sitecore development teams and content editors can now enjoy a more harmonious and productive relationship while eliminating the risk for error thanks to the new field- level synchronization feature on TDS 3.0. The feature, which extends the “Deploy Once” functionality on previous versions of TDS, gives more flexibility to the development team without compromising the field values set by editors.

With field level syncing, the development team can change or set specific field values for content items like permissions, workflow, and rendering values, even after a skeleton hierarchy has already been deployed. This is all done seamlessly, without overwriting field values set by content editors. A valuable time saver, TDS 3.0 ensures an error-free sync, letting you manage all the different types of items offered by Sitecore at any time.

Template Diagramming Tool

This video shows you the all new TDS diagramming tool, and Sitecore Rocks free plug-in version. This tool has been completely rewrtten. Developers can drill down into templates, and get a visual representation of all the relationships between Sitecore items. Licensed TDS users can also export images and print their diagrams.

Bringing a new developer onto an existing project

In this video we show you how you can very quickly get a new developer up and running on an existing Sitecore project. We explain how the Sitecore connector is easily installed and configured, and how you can deploy all of your Sitecore items, and .NET code right from Visual Studio without any packaging.

Which Version of TDS do I Have Installed

In this short video we show you how to determine which version of TDS you have installed, and how to find out what the latest available version is.

Verifying Deployment Environment Access

In this video we show you three quick troubleshooting tips to help you verify that you have configured access to your deployment environments correctly.


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